Wenonah Advantage

I’ve been thinking about getting a faster boat. My current ride is Prowler 13 SOT. Fun in a lot of conditions, but not fast. I paddle a mix of water conditions. When I paddle alone, I mostly paddle on a local lake. I’m 6’2", 225 lbs.

Someone in my area is selling two Wenonah Advantage canoes for $400 each. Reviews are excellent for its speed and glide, but iffy on its ability to handle waves and chop.

For those with experience with this classic boat, how do you think it handles class I rivers? For the price, should I snag it anyway?

Tracks like Train but…
doesn’t want to turn. So any turns you need to make must be planned far in advance. While I paddle mostly flat blackwater in my Advanatage I did take it on a multiday Class I trip and did OK with it. But I quickly learned about setting up your turns far ahead of time and that I would never take it on Class II water - it’s just not nimble enough in turning.

Sounds like you have a good price if the boats are in good shape.

No question that the Advantage is a fast, hard-tracking boat. But it was originally designed by Dave Kruger as a downriver racer, so it is reasonably seaworthy.

If most of your paddling is done on a lake, I would think it would suit you very well. I would buy an Advantage in good condition for $400 in a heart beat. You could certainly resell it for that price, or more if it doesn’t suit your needs.

If your primary goal is speed on flatwater the Advantage is hard to beat. It’ll hold it own against all but a very few hulls in C-1 stock class.

I took a loaded Advantage down the Missinaibi one August w/o problems. This was due much more to low water conditions & the boat’s abilities rather than my skills (or lack therof) but am certain you’ll find it more than capable in Class 1&2 although you may backpaddle alot.

You didn’t say but @ $400 I’ll assume they’re Tuffweave hulls ? Kevlar would be a steal @ that price

Thanks for the responses. Since the seller won’t return my messages, the sale may not happen. I’ve decided to buy at least one of them if I can ever get a response.

It sounded too good to be true.

I remember seeing a guy fly up a tidal river, Big River in Mendocino, in an Advantage.

probably sold already
Even if they were beat up Tuf Weave boats, that is/was a hell of a price. I’ll echo what Glen L said - I have had mine for 16 years and it’s a great lake boat and can handle moderate chop once you get used to it. Good tripping boat too. I find that while I might be weather bound a bit more often than in a more seaworthy boat, in good conditions I can more than make up for any lost time.