Wenonah Agrosy, Rendezvous, or Wildernes

he was teethed on FG
and composite materials and some fine whitewater designs are still offered in those layups.

try an Outrage
Class III whitewater-capable canoes that “also track well” do not exist. In order to be able to handle anything that would be considered modern Class III, you need a boat that is both maneuverable and relatively “dry”. The dryness usually comes from making the canoe deeper, fuller in the ends, and adding flare to the sides.

A maneuverable canoe that is deep and full in the ends is not going to track solidly, will not be particularly fast on flatwater, and will have more freeboard to catch the wind than you would like when paddling lakes or moving flatwater. That’s just the way it is.

If you are serious about running Class III, I would strongly recommend you do so in an appropriate canoe (with added flotation) or give up the idea altogether. If you want something that tracks well and is more efficient for flatwater, by a second canoe. Paddling a whitewater boat on flatwater can get you frustrated. Paddling a non-whitewater boat on whitewater can get you or your boat hurt, or worse.

Bob gave you some good advice(it happens)when he suggested looking for a used Mad River Outrage in good condition. You would’nt really want the Outrage X, which is bigger. The Outrage is significantly narrower than a lot of whitewater boats of its length, which will work to your advantage since you are smaller. This will help you achieve a more vertical paddle stroke and will greatly facilitate your cross-strokes.

Hatfeild Dam to Halls Creek
Well I rented an Argosy and paddled it down this stretch, and I did dump it once, but it could be just because of my inexperience with this canoe. I canoed this streth two weeks ago also, and I went last monday after the rain all weekend, and the water was a lot higher. Not as high as a normal release though.

Wenonah Rendezvous
I am limeted to Wenonah because of my connections, otherwise I would be looking at other canoes. Everyone seems to be telling me to buy a dedicated WW boat. The rendezvous is my best chance with a wenonah right? I would also like to be able to pack some equipment for trips down the flambeau, and other overnight trips, so that would weigh me down a little. I am also cautious about bying a really dedicated WW boat because I like to be able to be more efficient inbetween rapids.

Not considering other boats
I am not considering other boats because i have connections to Wenonah, so I am obligated to buy one. So you say the only boat you would consider taking on class III would be the rendezvous? I took an Argosy down one, and i dumped it.

And yes being in high school i dont have money to buy two boats, and I dont have enough room to store two more boats. We already have two tandem canoes. One dedicated down river WW and one Wenonah Sundowner, but they are obviously tandem.

don’t have any experience with Rendevous

… but I have read that the bubble sides can be pretty unforgiving in WW, and visually looking at the boat, I can see why. A little upstream lean, the bubble catches the current, and over you go.

I’m not trying to dissuade you from the 'Vous, but you could probably also get a used WW boat for the same money, or more likely, even less money. Perhaps used would open up more options.

Eric Nyre
Eric probably knows more about the Rendevous than anyone else here. Hopefully he’ll see this and weigh in. I’d heed his advice, whatever it is. I have in the past with no regrets.

It may be too big for you
so take another strategy instead of “connections”

Can you do cross strokes in an Argosy? If it was a hard reach, doing a cross draw in a Rendezvous is going to be harder. And cross strokes in a solo are a definite asset.

While people do river run in tandem boats is that your goal?

Another opinion
The Rendezvous is a good size boat (probably too big for you) it would certainly handle the rapids on the Flambeau (excluding the S Fork @ high water). With air bags and in skilled hands it could probably handle more. It is a down river type of canoe, capable of running CIIs while tripping this is what I expect of mine. When doing WW (Wolf river and Peshtigo river) I use a WW play boat (Bell Prodigy X) I am a big guy so the X size is needed for me. I use to have an Outrage X, (a very popular boat) but I wanted something that had a bit more initial stability. Bell is located in La Crosse and one can get deals from time to time from them. I believe a Prodigy would be an excellent boat to learn in. I just recently seen a WW solo canoe for sale in Green Bay for $400 all equipped. I would get an Argosy for downriver paddling and find a cheap solo WW to for learning in.

Also, solo WW paddling requires time to master so be patient and expect to swim if you want to become good at it.

High school student?

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Since when do high school students become "obligated" to buy canoes, or anything else for that matter, from a specific company?

Wenonah wouldn't "allow you" to buy a "used" canoe made by "another" company?

What did you do; meet a Wenonah rep at a crossroads in Mississippi, on a dark saturday night, and offer to sell your soul for an Argosy?

If you did........."Ol Nick" got over on you like a fat rat.



boats for sale
I have no affiliation with any sellers.

There is a nice-looking Wenonah Sandpiper solo in Royalex for sale in North Milwaukee for $475: http://milwaukee.craigslist.org/boa/1696387426.html. This would suit you well for flatwater and easy rivers.

There is a nice-looking Kevlar Rendezvous for sale in Wildwood, IL. (Never saw a Kevlar Rendezvous, only Royalex). http://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/boa/1714321495.html.Might be too nice for rock-bashing, though.

Used whitewater canoes come up for sale frequently but often sell quickly if they are priced competitively. I bought a fully-outfitted wood-gunwaled Outrage with a nice helmet thrown in for $450 in the Chicago area last year.

If you bought the Sandpiper and kept checking the 'net for something like a Mad River Outrage, or maybe a Mohawk Probe 11, or perhaps a Dagger Rival, you will find something and wind up with two boats for what you would have paid for one new one.

Wenonah Canoes
Well notice how I live 30 min. from Wenonah Minnesota. That means that the people that work there live near me. And my dad is a buisiness man, and lets just say I know someone who is more than a sales rep. But i mean, yea I could buy a different brand, but my dad doesn’t really like the idea, although I wouldn’t mind really.

I own 2 of the OP’s 3
For what you describe, get the Argosy. The Wilderness my solo tripper, not a river boat.

for sale on classifieds. Since this is the Shameless Commerce Division, I will sell you mine at an awesome price. Great boat. Drop me a line.

I agree with simonbee above. I’ve paddled my rubber rendezvous for 3 years now and its great for tripping in class II, but beware going loaded down III’s. I can make it through a straight forward, easy III, back paddling like crazy to keep the bow above the waves, but its not alot of fun…and forget about any snap turns to avoid rocks/holes. When I’m tripping heavy in a mostly II/III river, I’ll take my old MR Synergy out solo…now that’s fun. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll enjoy the Rendezvous in class II and especially on the flats inbetween, but for a steady diet of III’s, I’d go with a dedicated WW boat.

My issue with the Rendezvous is that
it simply does not turn easily enough. For me, even a Mohawk Odyssey does not turn easily enough. My Mad River Guide Solo turns easily enough, just barely.

Sometimes class 3, and even Nantahala style class 2, calls for more maneuvering capability than many boats supply. The Wenonah Rendezvous certainly runs dry enough, and for an experienced paddler the bulbous sides are not really an issue. But in return for its speed, it gives away maneuverability.

Schank, go to millbrookboats.com
and look at the AC/DC. Kaz has a 14.5 solo boat called the Patriot with a similar hull. Or, you could get a Swamp Hen. It requires skill and planning ahead in whitewater, but it is a serious downriver boat.

16 foot 5 inch canoe

$1,400.00 plus tax price tag

Made in New Hampshire

High school student

Weighs 130 pounds

Lives in southern Wisconsin.

I don’t think so…



Like this one

Pretty cheap, close to where you live and more of a dedicated WW boat just not as extreme. Should be able to trip with it if you pack small.