Wenonah Argosy (vs. Mohawk Odyssey 15)?

It doesn’t seem like this boat has gotten much attention. I’ve paddle it for about 5 minutes and was pretty pleased. But the two solos I have (Wenonah C1W and Mohawk 12’ sportsman) aren’t similar to it, so it is hard for me to judge it.

I’m in the market for a new canoe, as soon as someone buys my Wenonah from me! ( http://www.arkansascanoeclub.com/mb/viewtopic.php?t=4428 )And I’m looking at either the Argosy or a Mohawk 15’ Odyssey.

Does anyone have any thoughts? I’m going to test paddle an Odyssey as soon as Mohawk will let me come down.

Does anyone have any experience with the Argosy? I’m mainly going to using it for rivers similar to the Buffalo and the Jack’s Fork, and for flat water occasionally.

I’d appreciate some thoughts and insight.


Just a thought…

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If you are considering a Wenonah Argosy; why would you consider the Mohawk Odyssey 15, and not consider the Mohawk Odyssey 14? The Odyssey 14 is more similiar to the Argosy than the Odyssey 15.

Other options you might consider: Wenonah Vagabond, Bell Wildfire/Yellowstone Solo, Mohawk Solo 14(I don't like R-84 layup) and Mad River Guide/Freedom Solo. I have, or had all those boats, and a Mohawk Odyssey 14 too. They will all do fine on the Current, Eleven Point, Jacks Fork, and Buffalo.

An Odyssey 15 might be ok as a solo/tandem boat; if you're a "big ole boy", were going to carry a big dog, a small kid, or a monster load of gear. However, if you plan to paddle solo; you will lose some manueverability, and waste some energy keeping that barge moving, in comparison to the others mentioned.

Just my opinion of course.
Hopefully you'll get some more input.


I chose the 15 over the 14 as it seemed like a boat that would do better in flat water than the 15. Maybe paddle straighter with less work / finesse.

But not having paddled either the 14/15, it really can’t tell just by numbers.

I’m choosing between these two because they are close by. I can drive to places in less than an hour that has these two boats at good prices (the Argosy at a good price that is, since Mohawks are always at a good price!)


Ozark-Style Rivers
I’ll second Bob’s suggestion that you consider the Mohawk Odyssey 14. If you will be doing any rocky or turbulent river sections, you’ll probably really like the Odyssey 14 better than the 15. The 14 is plenty manueverable for that sort of stuff, and the symetrical hull is great for doing backferries. Though it turns nicely, it really doesn’t take a great deal of skill to make it go straight either. If you are new to solo canoeing, you may think it’s a royal pain to control, but you’ll grow into the boat quickly rather than eventually start wishing you had something that maneuvered more easily.

For plain open-water and mostly straightline paddling, the Odyssey 15 may be better than the 14, but I’ve heard some people on this board say it’s not as good of a long-distance tripping boat as it’s description might make a person think. Not sure exactly what you need in that regard either. Better try it out if you can.

I can’t comment on the Argosy, though with it’s asymetrical hull, it is probably geared more toward efficient cruising than playful twisty-turny stuff that the Odyssey 14 likes to do, but you never know (after all, the Bell Yellowstone is asymetrical to, and it’s pretty playful).

and twisty turns:


I like her way better than the Od 15…

turns nicely and handles a load well, too.

Can’t tell about the RX version-never tried that one…

if you are curious to see an argosy in action, check out my youtube videos. not sure what “class” the rapids are (i hesitate because it can be a very subjective scale, and in this case you can be the judge). anyway, hope you watch/enjoy.