Wenonah Argosy

Has anyone had the chance to try out an Argosy, Wenonah’s new solo? Apparently it’s a slightly deeper Vagabond, with more forward rocker, designed for river/rough water use. I was planning to get an untralite Vagabond to replace my Royalex, but this may be another option. It’s slightly heavier as well.

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I own the lightly larger big brother Rendevous. I really like it. Before you buy test apddle both.

The Rendevous can handle fast river water and still performs good on no wind lakes.

Tkhanks for the suggestion…
…but I’m looking for something lighter. The unltralite Kevlar Vagabond weighs about half what they list for the Rendevous. Looks like a good boat, though.

the Hemlock Peregrine is listed at 34 lbs although I don’t know the prices of either. As my age numbers increase, the poundage I will carry decreases, like a seesaw.

The Peregrine
…is a great boat, but not for rough rivers. Mine is 33 lbs. in Kev/Carbon & current price is about $2k. A Kevlar only Peregrine is a few hundred $$$ cheaper & a few lbs. heavier. A better choice for rivers would be the Hemlock SRT. About $2195 in Kev/Carbon and weighs about 38 lbs.

Here’s the link to the Hemlock website:


Keep in mind though, that if rough water paddling is your game, you should consider sticking w/ RX for durability.


I’m not really a rough water aficianado.
…but was toying with the Argosy idea for the slightly greater stability if a lake chop comes up.

I’m a clumsy oaf, and hate getting wet needlessly.