Wenonah Argosy?

-- Last Updated: Oct-07-05 12:49 PM EST --

Have you test paddled one?
Have you purchased one?
Are you considering purchasing one?
Would appreciate all positive/constructive feedback related to the Argosy.
If not here, how about doing a product review?
None available in this area to see, much less test paddle...............


I test paddled a friends
Spent about a half hour in it on a lake.

I’ll compare it to my Solo13, which you are familiar with. It has good stablity, but not as good as the Solo 13, it tracks just a bit better, but doesn’t turn as well, it is noticably faster and would be a bit dryer. I like my Solo13 better, just because it’s a do everything boat, and I prefer boats that turn quickly, rather than go straight. I think the Argosy would make a better river boat than a lake boat, but still think there are far better boats for river work. Yeah, you guessed it… SRT!

On a side note, the owner said she sometimes has tracking issues. I watched her paddle and the bow would start to veer off course and was a struggle for her to regain control. I remembered this feeling from my Rendezvous, what a POS of a boat that was. I didn’t experience this while I was paddling, but I am probably a stronger paddler that she is. I think we-no-nah makes a great boat for flatwater, but I don’t think they hit the mark with a good boat for river work yet.