Wenonah Argosy

-- Last Updated: Mar-04-06 2:47 PM EST --

Checked out the reviews on the Wenonah Argosy; there was only one review available.

I'd like to hear some more input; particularly a comparison of the Argosy to some of the following solos:

Bell Wildfire
Mad River Guide(aka Freedom Solo)
Mohawk Odyssey 14
Swift Osprey


Sounds very similar to my Osprey with less depth and perhaps less flare. If its like the Osprey its a great craft.



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I got a chance to test paddle one on flatwater. Reminded me way to much of my Rendezvous (and yes my Rendezvous was updated to the proper dimensions as per Eric's site). I felt the Argosy was a tempermental boat very sensitive to trim. The owner felt the same way about it. I haven't talked with her lately to see if she grew into it or still felt confused about it. Paddling with her Saturday, I'll inquire.

IMHO, the SRT is far better on moving and flatwater, but lacks the stability required by some paddlers. I also would pick a Wildfire over the Argosy.


Very twitchy
I’m a wenonah guy but don’t like the argosy at all. Much less stable than all the other boats you mentioned. Peace Joel


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do you still have your Rendevous and how do you like it? I talked to a shop owner who is supposed to be getting me a Rendevous to try out. But, it's been 3 weeks since I've heard from him. So, I don't know if this is typical to wait this long to get a canoe from the rep or he forgot. Anyway, the Rendevous is one boat on my list to try out.