Wenonah Aurora price

I want to list my kevlar Wenonah Aurora on PNet’s classifieds, but I have no idea what a reasonable asking price would be. It is the see-thru, no gel coat finish. It has aluminum gunwales, an adjustable bow seat, and web seats rather than tractor seats. The stems are in excellent shape; no beach landing wear at all. The bottom of the hull shows that the boat has been well used, but there is no fabric exposed.

I don’t pay close attention to the ads; but I don’t remember seeing a similar boat for sale. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Depending on age and wear, I think 60-80% of new is reasonable for a well-maintained composite boat.

80 percent is very optimistic
seeing that you can often buy new boats at that price at sale days.

I would say 60 percent tops…40-60 percent for a used but not abused boat.

There is a glass ceiling of a thousand dollars. For a boat that shows any wear four figures is hard to go above

That there is no fabric fuzz is not a plus…just a current absence of negative. The new owner is going to have to reskin it soon quite likely.

Sounds about right.
Though the +/-$1K ceiling won’t always apply to cult boats.

I was thinking 80% of a “good deal” new price, not MSRP.

Street price, minus depreciation

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Assuming average wear, we usually figure losing 25% of street price the first year (used is used...), then losing 15% of THAT value every year after for the next few years until you settle in at 40-50% of current street price for a five to seven year old boat.

Older than seven years, take the best price you can get, unless the boat has some collectible value or is in exceptional condition.

I can see there is a lesson here about buying new boats … unless they have a “cult” following.

That $1000 glass ceiling is less than half; but I have to say I would be hesitant to spend 4 figures on a used boat.

Thanks for the input.

other view
Living in a rural area, I don’t have a lot of choices in new or used boats unless I want to drive several hours each way. I would pay more than 50% of new for a right used boat within a reasonable range.

To the OP: Driving is worth money. If you’re willing to help with delivery – meet halfway, or use it as an opportunity to paddle somewhere new – you could probably get a bit more for the canoe.