Wenonah Barracuda layup?

So what happened with Wenonah’s “Barracuda” layup? I think it was introduced in 2011 and then disappeared in 2013.

Anyone know the story on this? Quality problems or just didn’t sell?

Didn’t sell
Looked sharp but cost/weight didn’t make it competitive.

That’s what I was thinking
I remember comparing them to the full kevlar and carbon versions and the cost/weight didn’t make sense. They weren’t any lighter, but cost more. Everything else being the same, the thing that would have been worth paying more for would have been greater strength. But they didn’t claim that for Barracuda.

Texalium no longer flavor of the month

S-glass is soo boring

So, what was the layup?
As for boring, SSKK is certainly boring. And effective.