Wenonah Canoe Imperfections?

What would be some of the imperfections in an Ultra-Light Foam Core layup that would qualify a canoe as a Blem?

Would some of the following imperfections qualify?:

-Uneven and “wavy” placement of the reinforcing inner fabric over the ribs

-Inner fabric over foam core is not even, 1 inch difference between 2 sides as it bends up inside of canoe

-2 inch long air bubble pocket(that popped) along edge of foam core

-Heavily frayed edge of inner fabric over foam core


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Without gel coat you get to see how lay ups can occur. Non of that is functionally significant . If you have a cosmetic finish like gel coat you get cosmetic blemishes.

It's up to Wenonah to define what a blem is.

totally up to you
but I expect wavy Kevlar fabric from a mass produced wet bagged canoe.

The labor costs go up quite a bit if you want everything perfect… I think resin infusion makes more perfect boats.

Of the items listed only the bubble would bother me.

I have a Wenonah from 1991 that has all the other three “defects”. Still going well.

The ragged edge is typical of a sheet of Kevlar that has unraveled on a side… Not a big deal if the fibers are laying flat in the resin. It takes a bit of time to trim all the edges perfectly… Again labor.

bad day at wenonah

fix the air pocket…

I ordered a Solstice Titan. A GT was delivered with an incorrect very flexy composite sized for a legless midget.

but for the gist we would need to see the disaster.

here, go thru the explanations: