Wenonah canoe super seats

Anyone have any feedback on these add ons for web bench seats.


The canoe shop where I just got my Spirit II highly recommended them.

The curved web seats that come stock are very comfortable by the way, much more so than regular flat web or cane seats, They just have a little bow downward from R to L that cradles your butt better.

If you are already comfortable
… I wouldn’t bother. Less is more.

The bottom looks like it could be …
comfy, but I wouldn’t want any part of the back.

I would think it would screw up good paddling technique.



looks like the Crazy Creek canoe chair
my wife bought me as a gift a # of yrs ago.

I was too macho to use it in canoe but she loves it afloat & I’m envious when she relaxs in it in camp while I sit on ground

Not really
If you intend to lounge in your canoe, fish, drink beer, etc, the WSS looks dandy.

If you want to paddle, i.e. participate in the athletic sport of paddling, you’ll find the back rest inhibits torso rotation that is key to reaching forward to the catch and rubs pretty badly through the rest of the stroke.

I have one

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It is comfortable and well made but if you kneel the front lip is uncomfortable on the back of the thighs.

When I use mine I leave the back loose and do not lean back into back rest. So as Charlie replied it won't interfere with paddling technique. It's nice when you break for lunch or want to do some fishing.

i picked up a seat that looks just like
… that at a flea market for a few bucks . It is in excellent condition , looks brand new .

Thought I might give it try . Tested it around the house in various ways to get the feel of it … don’t like it at all , the frame that makes the perimeter of the back and seat in my opinion is the drawback , a poor design idea .

back bands
the backbands that wenonah sells are a lot better. I have used both quite a bit.

I tried one
(an identical model from Piragis) and had mixed results. As Charlie mentioned, the high back does interfere woth torso rotation. Also interferes with PFDs. My biggest complaint though was a feeling that I was not in intimate contact with the boat. Sort of rolly-polly.

I opted to make my own (a long and twisted journey) with what can best be described as a a backband on stilts. Really helps my spine and it’s three degenerating discs.

That said, many folks seem to loke the Crazy Creek style canoe chairs.