Wenonah Carbon durability?

Anybody had any experience with this layup? I realize it won’t be real tough,but how would it compare with-say-my kevlar Hornbeck or a Bell kevlite hull or wenonaha’s UL kevlar for log overs and beaver dams? I’m looking at a Sandpiper in this layup for a kneeling packboat.I am already farmiliar with the Sandpiper hull as I own a Royalex one.


I love that little Royalex one


All CF boats arent equal
Ask Wenonah how they reinforce the boat for kneeling. That puts alot of force in one spot.

My PBW CF boat has less flex than my Kev Lite Merlin II which has much less flex than my friends Lost Pond, which is not constructed to kneel in. It puts too much pressure on the hull and it bows and the gunwales (being relatively flumsy) deform.

Stiff but brittle
For what you described, I would say stay away from their carbon layup. The foam core is soft and any sharp or poky thing will dimple the hull and possibly pierce the shell. I abuse my carbon Wenonah but I am also really comfortable with repairing it. I’ve punched several holes through the boat already.

Kevlar has tensile strength and won’t tear which means no holes in the boat.

carbon wenonah
Carbon fiber Wenonah will be similar to a Wenonah UL. Carbon only on the outside. Kevlar on the inside.

Looks the same but . . .
It is not carbon on top of their UL Kevlar boat. It is much lighter cloth, I think 4 oz instead of 8 oz. Plus no float tanks to reinforce the ends.

Wenonah’s answer

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Wenonah said that kneeling was OK in any layup, but to their credit,steered me away from carbon.I had a line on a kevlar one,but it was in VA and I couldn't get it here without driving down.I'll keep looking.

Good points. My slalom c-1 is carbon
inside and S-glass outside, and though it comes close to the allowed ~20 pound limit, in a hull this small there is plenty of carbon and glass for an extremely stiff hull,

When I outfitted an excessively flexy old Noah kayak, I laid two Kevlar layers inside under the butt region. That sort of thing can be done with a thin and flexy open boat, whether carbon or not.