Wenonah drop in seat for kneeling

Can anyone comment on using the WeNoNah drop in seat for solo paddling a not-too-wide tandem in a kneeling position?

My main concern is the height of the seat. I’m 6’5" with size 13 feet. Paddling an old warsaw rocket.

I would guess the drop-in would be low
enough that you could kneel. Just get a return privilege if you order one.

In the long run you could install a kneeling thwart, which allows shifting your butt from one side to the other for good reach.

I prefer a minicell foam kneeling pedestal, rammed under the center thwart. It isn’t as easy to shift your weight from side to side, but I’m very tall so it doesn’t matter.

I’ll think about the kneeling thwart. I hadn’t even considered a pedestal cause I assumed they had to be glued in, but I like the idea of a press fit under the yoke or thwart.

fwiw…I usually glue a pedestal to a

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foam panel...which gives it stability, either(by shape) dropped in, without any glue, or glued or velcroed in relatively small, multiple areas. Just get the kind of density that can fit where you want..with the hull's shape...etc. Lots of people move a little to their strong side in a flatwater canoe anyways.. Versatile....if you go the velcro-patch route....it takes a little initial planning for locating patches...