Wenonah Edge

Can the assembled experts offer any information/opinions about this boat? It’s not in the product reviews, and a web search comes up mostly empty. Curiosity’s killing me…

Pete in Atlanta

The Edge is a Frankie Hubbard whitewater playboat constructed in composite layup. It’s along the lines of a longer Ocoee, or Viper with hard chines and a relatively flat bottom. The boat was built to slalom specs at 13’2". The hull was also built by Mill Creek(No not Millbrook)and Mohawk in composite, and still may be built by Class V composites.



Above comments are correct. Not saying
you couldn’t get used to an Edge… some racers still like them. But I think Kaz’s more modern designs such as the Kyote or Ignitor are much more forgiving, and have been very competitive. The Esquif Spark is a relatively light ABS version of the Ignitor.

Thanks, All
Sounds like it’s not for me. For anyone who is interested, there’s one available here in Atlanta. I’ve not seen it, have no connection, etc. etc…

Again, thanks. What did we ever do without the Web?