Wenonah Escapade - what's the diff?

I have one of the pre 2009 Escapades, and have thought highly of it, and still do.

Wenonah redesigned the hull somewhat in 2009, stated for better efficiency. Has anybody paddled both models, and what do you think? Is there better efficiency? Is the initial stability more tippy in the new model?

I don’t know, but I’ll bet neither you
nor I could tell the difference. But you have to admire Wenonah for the Continuous Quality Improvement, as I’ve not heard about any serious deficiency in the first Escapades.

large differences
The boat cosmetically sees a few improvements. The stems are now more similar to other boats in the Wenonah lineup like the Minnesota II. The hull has bulbous tumblehome which makes the boat quite easy to paddle by smaller paddlers, yet still retains volume for gear.

Wenonah has the Solo Plus, which is a crappy tandem, but good solo for a large paddler. Wenonah now jokingly calls the redesigned Escapade the Tandem Minus. It makes a great tandem, and an acceptable solo with the addition of a third seat. I find that the redesigned boat is infact quicker than the original with stronger tracking. The bow “gurgle” that the original Escapade suffered from is gone.

I wish that Wenonah would give up on building boats for racing categories. The Escapade in Kevlar Flex-core is often raced as a rec stock boat, which requires the boat to be 17’ or shorter and 50 pounds or heavier. Kev-Flex in that hull should weigh less than 51 pounds, but I think they build it a bit heavier to maintain it’s ability to qualify in the rec category.

You confirmed what I thought,

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and I appreciate your sharing of knowledge.

I am not a racer, so I think the former edition is fine.
I did take out the bowl seats, and installed Ed's cherry contour seats, as shown in the link.
Those made a major improvement in control(lowered the seated center of gravity) and comfort(no explain needed).


Happy paddlin!

predecessor to Escapade?
A bit off-topic: My wife and I have a “short” 16’6" Sundowner (vintage ~1990). I’ve heard the predecessor to our boat was the Echo and wondered whether the Escapade is the successor to our Sundowner. The revamped Escapade clearly has more tumblehome in the center, but otherwise seems pretty similar – shorter, narrower tandem with minimal rocker. Idly curious minds want to know! Any opinions or information? Thanks.