Wenonah Escapade with Minnesota II

After being away from recreation racing (dragon boat, outrigger, tandem, kayak) for a decade we bought a use Escapade to take with us camping.

The Escapade (42lb) has proven to be a good choice in that our children (11&13) like to take it out solo or tandem without needing help from Mom or Dad.

With the success of the Escapade we’ve been looking for a 2nd canoe so the family ( 4+100lb Lab) can overnight and possibly take longer trips.

A 42lb Minnesota II is available but we are wondering if the characteristics of the Escapade and Minnesota are to far part. To balance the boats we are thinking of having Dad & 11YO + dog in the Minnesota while Mom & 13Yo would be in the Escapade.

Paddling is open water.

Thank you for your comments,

Dad Mom and Dog In MNII
Kids in Escapade
Less horsepower and smaller weight always do better with less skin friction
The kids may well beat you
You’ve heard longer boats are faster. Not all by themselves
Paddling is a partnership between boat and paddler. Long boat and less horsepower means that long boat can’t attain hull speed as it’s got more skin surface area

I think the pairing is good. The lighter duo in the Escapade and the heavier pairing of Dad, Dog and 11 yr old will work on lakes. Mom and 13 yr old may prove faster in Escapade. I hope the dog is very docile, it will need to stay low in the boat and not feet up on the gunwale or Dad and partner will spend more time bracing and shifting weight than paddling. Gear weight in the canoe will help lower center of gravity. Hard part for Dad will be side winds and waves if 11 yr old can’t keep bow on course. Would be great if dog could paddle!