Wenonah identification, help

I’m looking for some help to figure out the year and model and serial number mean of a wenonah canoe I just picked up very very cheap. Mod is ECO and serial number is EC5781282. Any help would be greatly appreciated, it’s in awesome shape as well.

Thank you

16’6" Echo
What you have is an Echo. And it was made in 1982. It was renamed Sumdowner and later redone as a 17’Sundowner and a companion to the 18’ Sundowner. It was the lightest Kevlar tandem made by anyone and some weighed as little as 32#. Its primary stability was far less than the Grummans in which many of learned to paddle, which limited its sales. In the redesign it gained a lot of primary stability. It is far from a squirrelly canoe and paddles well. It is fast for a short canoe. It is an Evert Crozier design. His other Wenonah designs include the Spirit and Spirit II and the 18’Sundowner. All are well rounded and forgiving designs that compare well even today with current tandems by all other manufacturers.


Thats bizzare
That is very bizzarre since I ALSO just bought a Wenonah Echo model canoe just a couple days ago. Its a 1985 model in heavy woven-roving fiberglass layup. Mine had original wooden gunwales. I am restoring it at this time.

Wenonah identification, help
Awesome, thank you Bill. So it sounds like it’s a decent wenonah, it is light and really can’t wait to get it on the water to try it out. I’m curious since it’s a 1982 what it’s worth. I know wenonah is a great name and I have only heard great things about them, I personally have been using a Old Towne for the past 8 yrs so was pleased to find thus and give it a tru.

Thank you again. .

Which hull layup do you have? Kevlar or Fiberglass?

Cross-Ribs? (Multiple raised ribs across the hull bottom) Center-Rib?(one continuous raised rib from front to back down the centerline of the hull) Core-Stiffened? (A flattened core covering the hull bottom with slightly raised ribs going from the core upward to almost the gunwale) or Extra-Stiffened? (coarse woven-roving showing on the interior and a grey colored interior)

It may take you several hours in the Echo to get used to its lack of primary stability compared to any Old Town. Its secondary stability is good. Just learn to relax and keep your upper body vertical and your shoulders inside the gunwales. Flex at the waist and let the canoe do its side to side roll with the water. Once you get used to its liveliness you will find its sweet qualities. Going farther on a stroke than any plastic, and most composite, Old Town Canoes will go. And a better glide at the end of your stroke. Have fun with it and go home smiling.