Wenonah J200 - Basket case or diamond in the rough?

First things first; my wife and I have a Kevlar Spirit II that we love! It’s a joy to paddle, and so easy to load up and go. Kind of made me want a fast single, so I looked around for something cheap that might need work. Well, I found it - an old J-200 that needs more than a little work. (you might see the gaping hole in the photos) Serial # J2032C686. I’ve had it for years thinking I would learn how to repair Kevlar. Probably not going to happen. One guy told me if I paid nothing for it I paid too much. Oh yeah, it needs work on the wood too. Every good boat deserves better, and something tells me this is (was) a good boat. It has stickers on it from the USCA Nationals in 1990, and another from the Marathon Championships in 1986 - maybe the year it was built? It would be cool to know who was racing it back then.

Any information, interest or local offers are welcome. Steve Austin might be a good name for it. If I end up with nothing more than funky carport decor - that’s OK too.

Marty Gierke
Stewartstown, PA

Pics here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/32306142@N07/albums/72157672657925947

That would be a very expensive labor of love if it can be repaired.

I have a Crozier J200 for reference. I put a 1" x 14" hole in it by hitting a submerged sign post and repaired it quite successfully. The overall damaged area was about the same square area, but a longer rectangle more so than your square-ish patch.

Your hole and tear are fairly clean so if you have done some composite repair before, the repair of the hole and tear is ~4 hours of work and ~$120 in supplies.

The wood inwale repair i am not familiar with how that gets repaired, but you could probably buy new end caps or full rails from Wenonah since they still make J series race boats. I know you’d need to remove and replace the rotted wood.

Refinishing the bottom is another medium difficulty composite repair project. It looks very sun baked and dirty. I’d almost pressure wash it and add 2 coats of epoxy - that’s probably another $100ish of epoxy and rollers and 2-3 hours of work.

Anyways, it sounds like you’re probably not in for the ~$400 in supplies and weekend of work to repair. The J200 is my second favorite racing canoe (with the Savage River DIIIx being my fav). It tracks rail straight, glides nicely, and has a reasonable stability profile.

If you want to do a weekend of work, it could still rise from the grave