Wenonah Min ll vrs Sawyer Cruiser

What would be a better choice for inland lakes , day trips. Want an efficient / fast boat.


Don’t know about the Sawyer Cruiser. The Minnesota 2 is a great boat and efficient for its size, but probably has more capacity and freeboard than you need for your intended use. Have you looked at the Wenonah Jensen 18? That is the boat that I would get for fast day tripping on lakes.

I own Both
Along with a bell mystic. I find that the Sawyer cruiser has the best glide of three . Between the two your comparing the cruiser would be my recommendation . For extended tripping the minn 2 is tough to beat. jrw

wieght conditions?
RedCrossRandy and I raced a Sawyer Cruiser in his BigBlueMinn2. The Sawyer is fast but a little tippy. The Team in the sawyer was afraid to pass Randy and me because of our wake( we are portly gentlemen ). Once they were able to get around us they left us in the dust. I also feel the Minn2 has a bit more freeboard. I personally would not heasitate to have either one though.

Sawyer Cruiser or Jensen 18
I had a Sawyer Cruiser which I loved, but had NO ONE good enough to be the bow paddler. You need two really good paddlers, but this boat flies.

The cruiser may have a tendency to take some water over the bow; at least that’s what people say.

The Minn II is more of a Boundary Waters boat for more gear, bigger water.

I agree that the Jensen 18 would be a good choice. I love Bell’s NorthStar, but, again, your bow paddler has to know what he’s doing. I think you’ll find you need a good bow-man in the Jensen as well.

My buddy is NOT too coordinated, so we paddle a Mad River Explorer. I can correct his mistakes from my stern position. In the Sawyer I could not do this because me correcting his mistakes made the canoe shaky.


grasse river
The newmans build great cnaoes becuase they are such excellent racers and builders of great boats such as the grasse river traveler. Does great in 90 miler stock class