Wenonah Minn II

I am looking at a used, 15 year old Minn II that the seller describes as a Tuff Weave construction. However, in looking at the picture provided it does appear to have ribs. I was under the impression that ribs are only used in the Kev Ultra-Light models. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Tuff-weave w/ribs
Our Wenonah Sundowner is Tuff-weave with a foam core AND ribs, so yes… it’s possible.

Cross Rib construction
Wenonah made Tuff-weave canoes in Cross-rib, Center-Rib, and what is now called Ultra-light construction.

If there are short ribs that go across the bottom of the hull and do not go up the sides; and there is no foam core in the bottom, it is a Cross-rib. If there is a foam core and the ribs go up the sides from the core, then it is the Ultra-light. The Flex-core construction replaced the Cross-Rib construction. It has flex like the cross-rib, but a smooth bottom like the Ultra-light. Cross-rib was probably the most common fiberglass & tuffweave layup. Ultra-light construction in Tuffweave is much less common, but a great compromise. It was less costly than any Kevlar layup and about the same weight as Cross-rib Kevlar.

The older name for Ultra-light was Core-Stiffened.


Thanks for the info! Although it looks like a nice boat, I think the asking price of $1200 might be a bit high for what it is. $500 or so more can get me a brand new one if I catch it on sale.

Thanks again,