Wenonah Moccasin

Anyone have any history on or impressions of this canoe? As best I can tell it was a relatively short lived Dave Kruger design meant for the kneeling paddler. But that’s about all I know.

Nice little boat
Plaidpaddler has one for years, and even did the 90 miler in it once. I suggest you look on the product reviews, then go to Wenonah then go to the moccasin reviews there are 4 reviews there.

I am also under the impression that it was a Jensen design so it is a better tracking hull.

Had looked at the reviews. Was hoping to get some further elaboration on the points, maybe some more contemporary comparisons. Also why the design didn’t really last (>.> always looking to Mr. Wilson for that type of info :D).

Nice boat
It is a shame the Mocassin was short lived in the Wenonah catalog. I have had mine since 1995, and its got thousands of miles on it. As the Baldpaddler mentioned, I did paddle the 1997 Adirondack Classic,the 90 miler, in it. On my knees the whole way. I finished pretty much in the middle of the class. C-1 recreation was combined with C-1 stock that year so I was in with a bunch of Advantages and some old Sawyer Shockwaves and DY specials. Finished way behind them and ahead of some of the true recreational solos.

The Mocassin handles big water better than its specs would suggest. The bow lifts nicely over waves and those from the side just seem to slide under the hull. The hull was designed for single sided paddling with corrective strokes, but will move with a bent shaft as long as you don’t mind switching every 3 to 4 strokes. I use a bastard style of bent shaft paddling where i turn my knob hand thumb down towards the end of the stroke and sweep the paddle out of the water giving a tiny bit of correction. My stroke finishes much farther back than is normal, but i let off the power as the blade passes my hip and just sweep it out of the water while turning the blade to give the slight correction. It allows me to stay on one side for a dozen strokes and switch only to use the other muscles.

The Mocassin turns well, but is not a fast spinning WW canoe. It is a nice easy cruising flatwater boat that can handle lakes and small streams, will take a weeks worth of gear and not feel overloaded and is stable enough to fish from on open water. Most similar feeling boat I have paddled is Bell’s Merlin II.


I always thought it was a nice paddling
solo. Not sure why Wenonah dropped it, possibly not enough orders? One of the only dedicated kneelers they ever made that I can remember. Would have benifited from a dose of tumblehome, I kinda thought it felt slightly wide at the seat as far as facilitating my stroke, tumblehome would’ve refined an already very nice hull. I feel it’s an area Wenonah is lacking in, kneelers that is.

Wenonah Moccasin
Why not ask Dave Kruger himself here? http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PurewaterPaddlers/

If I had seen this yesterday I could have asked him at our meeting last night.

Thanks everyone
Good info, appreciate it.

Jackfish, I may have to barge in there and see if Dave has any input. I thank you for the link.