Wenonah Model and Layup

I am going to look at this Wenonah Spirit 2 tomorrow and was wondering if anyone can confirm the layup. To my understanding it’s the ultra-light version of tuf-weave, but I’ve seen some discrepancies online while researching. The price is definitely right either way but can anyone confirm one way or the other with a possible guess of weight and age? (Ignore the aftermarket paint job lol) Thanks

You must be somewhat near my location. I saw that on CL. The seller seems proud of that paint job. :joy:

I’m not sure but I think it is an ultralight lay-up based on the ribs…I think only ultra lights have ribs. The tractor seats suggest ultralight too. The orange interior is unusual but I did find one pic online of a graphite ultralight Wenonah that looked the same…and the black part of the exterior may be the hull color and not paint. An ultralight Spirit II is listed at 41 pounds so should be pretty obvious when you lift it. The last two digits of the serial number tell the year it was manufactured (on a little metal plate on the stern).

Wenonahs tend to be lightly built boats. The ribs and the floor are good indicators. A Spirit is a good all around hull. I bought a new one once, that came on a truck to my home in Wyoming. The hull was rippled every place it had a pop rivet connecting the gunwales so I sent it back. Some friends rented a Spirit for a week long trip. It did fine, but they managed to capsize it in a chute. The hull held up fine.

I had an Odyssey that crumpled in a little riffle. I was shocked that an easy rapid could damage the boat.

That is most definitely an ultralight layup in tuffweave. It should weigh in the 52-54# range. I have an 18 Sundowner in that same layup and it weighs 52#, An 18 Jensen that is the same layup is 50#,
it has no yoke or front slider and is early fiberglass and not tuffweave.

Placid is definitely correct. You’re seeing the exterior paint through the mostly clear skin walls. The unpainted boat was cloudy-transparent

Check to see if it’s brittle in the unribbed areas. If left out in the sun this layup was susceptible to UV embrittlement

Otherwise a good boat and unusual layup

Update: I purchased the canoe (for $400!) and after talking with Wenonah it is a 1995 Spirit II in ultra-light tuf-weave. I plan on removing the spray paint and it needs minor touching up in some areas, but otherwise it is in pretty good condition. I’m super stoked to have gotten it! Thanks everyone!


You got a great deal! Congrats!

WOW! That’s fantastic. That seller asking $1500 if I recall correctly. Nicely done!