Wenonah Odyssey target/ideal freeboard?

Odyssey owners — is there a target or ideal freeboard or load to aim for?

I understand that these boats need to be fairly well loaded.

We went out for the first time today, and with two adults, two kids, a small dog, and our gear we came in at appx 440lbs.

There seemed to be quite a bit of free board, but I’m not really sure what I’m looking for. First time in a “real” canoe.

I think our load was fairly evenly balanced, with probably a little bias to the stern.

You want about 8 inches

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of freeboard.

The boat is kind of twitchy when empty and just a paddler at each end.

But it can be paddled. We'll be paddling Wyman Reservoir on the Kennebec tomorrow with our Odyssey. About fifteen miles in five hours.

We do two week long trips on Lake Superior or Quetico and usually come in about 500 lbs. The boat can handle up to about 650 or 700

thank you
Thanks for the input.

I think we were somewhere around 8-10, but not entirely sure.

Not that it’s an accurate representation without my 185 in the back, here’s what it looked like in the water earlier.



Cute pic !
The rest of your family and the pocket dawg

Had our Odyssey out
Today on a light day trip on Wyman Lake in Maine. Long lake about 15 miles long and a mile wide in spots surrounded by mountains

Kicking I some whitecaps. Reminded us boat is twitchier in a stern wind and rock solid in a headwind

12 miles in 3 hours