Wenonah Orion kayak

I just posted a “wanted” ad, but thought I’d post here, too. Does anyone out there have or know somebody who has a Wenonah Orion that they’d might be willing to sell? I’m developing a fondness for old-school boats for some reason. Thanks!


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Do you mean P&H Orion?
Edit: I guess it's an old school downriver boat

Not quite
It is a flat water ICF racing K1.

Nope, not P&H
Old, not-made-by-them-anymore K1.

I have an Orion that has been garage stored. My son has moved to New Orleans and no longer paddles. I can take pictures of it this weekend if you are interested.


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Sorry, I just spotted your reply about the Wenonah Orion. Do you still have the boat?

re: Wenonah Orion
Thanks to the fine people in this group one found me and I picked it up yesterday. Thank you!