wenonah paint job

Need advice on painting a Wenonah advantage 1980’s type.Color is forest(?)green.Wenonah has’nt answered my e-mails.Do I or must I use the expensive $65 a quart epoxy/paint package,or can I expect good results with the $35.00 spar type polyurethane.Is there a less expensive but reasonable alternative out there.No major blemishes,I’ve done all the prep work and am ready to paint. ps serious advice only please. Thanks Dave

Hi Dave
I have a bunch of Wenonah boats, and have found that it is best to call them on the phone when I need some advice like that.

They always connect me with a technical rep and have never let me down yet.

I also found that I don’t seem to get results when I e-mail them.



Floor and Deck
A lot of paddlers have used plain old Floor and Deck paint, including custom restorers. It does a good job from what I have heard and seen.



same situation
I am restoring a late 70’s model mad river and was considering using a topside marine paint available at west marine, has anyone tried this? and what about primers?

I will be looking forward to any replys on this thread that might help both of us.

Boat paint

I will be doing my mad river indy soon and plan to go with awlgrip primer and paint.

Will try automotive base coat clear coat on the next boat. The single stage urethane auto paint would be another choice. PPG, Duponnt, Sherwin Williams, SPI, Kirker are some of the autopaint companies to try.

This is a project worth doing right if you are into boats, otherwise there are many other options.

Wet sanding
If you are trying to remove scratches or oxidation, why not wet sand the boat then buff and wax it. It will bring back the original color.

I have seen painted boats 5 years later. They look awful and are a mess to clean up. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone painting their composite boat. Learn to work with gelcoat and you will be better off in the long run.