Wenonah pedestal seat replacement

Hello all. I recently acquired an '87 Wenonah Advantage with a kevlar bucket seat mounted on a sliding pedestal.

I find the seat a bit small (it’s the seat, not me!) and want to replace it with a bench. I cut a bench to fit and put the cut off pieces on the underside of the seat with a U-channel (cut a 1" radius half circle out to fit on the rails). I haven’t paddled it yet, but I’m thinking a potential issue is that with nothing to hold the seat down, if the paddler weights one side, outside the rails, it may cause the seat to flip up/off.

Any bets on whether this arrangement will work? If it doesn’t, I’ll either attach another half-circle of wood to the bottom, or just go get some pipe with an inner diameter of 1-1/16" and attach that, closer to the way it was originally.

How about a picture or two?
My imagination is on strike right now.

Seems like if the seat isn’t anchored down it would be a problem, as you say, if the paddler didn’t stay centered on the seat. I’d want the seat to be held down from the bottom. Sounds like a bench seat is what you prefer, but FWIW Wenonah makes a plastic bucket seat that is said to be larger than the kevlar seats in their older canoes so just switching Wenonah seats might improve the comfort.

I’d get a larger seat before I put in a bench. I like the high back Triebold seats that Savage River makes. You can get the tube sliders sized to fit any boat

Thanks all. Sorry, I have no pictures. I went to the hardware store and got some of those little straps that hold electrical conduit to the wall and attached them underneath, so now the seat won’t come off. There is still a bit of play possible, so time will tell if it works. The bigger Wenonah seat sounds good - I just thought I’d try improvising with stuff lying around my basement, and since I had a seat I cut too short anyway . . . here we are. Thanks again.