Wenonah Prism a good tandem canoe?

Would a Wenonah Prism 16 make a good tandem canoe if bow and stern seats were installed? Looking for something fairly stable for casual/family solo & tandem canoeing on calm lakes and bayous and was wondering if a good priced used Prism was comparable to a new Mad River Reflection 15.


The bow paddler would have to be a skilled infant. The bow station would not be wide enough for anyone to have any stability there.

Solo canoes are built with reinforcement midships. Tandems are built with reinforcement in the stems.

You have picked in the Prism a dedicated sit and switch solo which in its solo configuration is not regarded as universally stable.

The Reflection is a far different canoe and meant for casual family outings. The Prism and Reflection are at opposite ends of the grocery store.

solo plus is a good wenonah for that
The mr reflection is a good tandem/solo canoe.

The prism not. As a solo it is good. With 1 or 2 children and want to paddel flatwater fast it can be good.

If you want to do tandem/solo work with a wenonah, I would look at solopuls escapade prospector.

Heve fun paddling

Thanks for the input, that’s the kind of info I was looking for.

Have a good one!

And a Reflection 15 is at the low end of
capacity for tandem use. I would go to a 16, if Mad River is making them.

Solo as kids tandem
When my younger two boys were 9 & 11 we put two sling seats in the ends of a Wenonah Solitude. They were fairly competent and experienced paddler even at that age. As a team they were fast and they just fit between the gunwales on that solo. The Prism is a longer solo, but more slender. Kim is right, the bow paddler would need to be very small. Novacraft is marketing one of their big volume solos as also a kids tandem. It takes a solo with a lot of bow volume and little tumblehome to work.