Wenonah Prism Outfitting

I am new to canoeing. I have kayaked for 10 plus years in sea kayaks but now transitioning to canoes. I purchased a Wenonah Prism this fall and love it. What I am wondering about is if anyone has advice on outfitting the canoe? I am going to purchase a cover from Cooke Custom Sewing, any other advice? I am planning some longer trips this summer and any advise is welcomed.

A lot depends on the type of trips your are planning to take. With the Prism and a cover I’m expecting that your plans lean more towards big lakes& big rivers but not so much whitewater. What you do will depend on your tastes. In my case, I haven’t done much to the canoes used for up to 2 week trips. However, things to think about:

  • Portage yoke especially if you have the pedestal seat.
  • My Rendezvous has the pedestal seat and is Tuffweave so weighs a bit. I carved some foam & ball&bungee it to the front of the pedestal to carry.
  • D-rings - for tying your packs to the hull. I don’t - I clip to straps except in the pure whitewater boat. Others do though.
  • Also useful for tying in spare paddles
  • Knee pads or cups - especially if you will be paddling whitewater
  • Air bags - again mostly for whitewater and & don’t know if those who y=use covers also have air bags as well.
  • Tie-downs for bow & stern lines
  • Thwart bag - for things that you want to hand while on the water.

Anyway, there is a start.

Yes you are correct- big water - lakes and rivers. I really appreciate your input! Thanks!

Also depends what you are going to paddle with. With a double blade or single blade bent shaft/sit-and-switch you would set the seat low and consider foot braces. For kneeling with a single blade the seat is set a little higher. Some people can find a happy medium that allows both.

Thanks - single blade -with a seat.

A foot brace and the pedestal bucket seat are the best for paddling this canoe in big water. A good carbon fiber bent shaft paddle, thwart bag, hands free hydration system so you don’t have to stop paddling in the wind or waves to drink… A quick release spare paddle holder and a good yoke. Some D-rings riveted to the gunwales for tying stuff in are handy. This is a good all around solo, not the best at anything, but better at everything than the more dedicated WW or cruising canoes. Much quicker as a sit & switch canoe than as a kneeler. Bill

Thanks Bill!

The only thing I wish my Prism had was tugeyes for lining. Other than that, I have a seat back that I strap in and a clamp on fishing pole holder. I like to troll with mine.

Very Nice! Love the companion too!