Wenonah Prism, Switching Seats...

…from what i can find the prism was made for sit & switch paddling. i haven’t decided between the magic or prism, yet, but if i was to have wenonah change the bucket seat to a cane seat so i can sit or kneel would it affect the balance/performance/handling/paddling of the canoe? thanks!

just your basic performance difference
between sitting and kneeling.

Kneeling puts your weight farther forward and may lower your center of gravity(though Wenonah’s seats are pretty low) and you can stabilize in rough stuff with one knee in each bilge.

Its nice to be able to change positions; tractor style seats can be comfortable but they dont offer too much versatility.

prism seat

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thanks for the reply! i'm going to give wenonah a call.

Low seats and kneeling

Something to look into would be the seat height relative to getting your feet under it for kneeling. The prism and magic I paddled a couple of weeks ago were both fit with low seats (tractor and cane, respectively) that wouldn’t alow my feet under them. Higher seats will raise your center of gravity of course and may, at least for a while, give you stability concerns. I’m thinking both boats are inherently stable enough to accomodate seats high enough to get your feet under. I’d ask the question, though, of knowledable owners as well as the companies, and of course try to paddle the boats configured as you’d like them prior to commiting the cash.

please try
the boat, and straddle the seats peddestal. I have been able to do it in one J-boat and some up scale solos(Classic XL and the Otegan) best of both worlds if you can do it.