Wenonah Prism vs Advantage

 I have paddled my Prism many miles but am now tempted by an advantage.  How does the advantage compare to the prism in terms of stability and ease of paddling?  I no longer want a canoe for long camping trips, but for day trips where exercise and wildlife watching are the main objectives.

Neither’s a good platform for a punt gun

much different
I have owned both. I owned the Prism for a short while. Paddled it once and really did not like it and sold it shortly afterwards.

The Advantage to me is noticeably faster, narrower and tracks better. It is fast yet still relatively maneuverable, but a good bit less stable than the Prism.

To me the Prism was like a dog, and was super wide which hindered a good vertical stroke.

The Prism may be better for you if you want it for wildlife viewing and tootling around, carrying gear, etc., but if you want a fast and fun boat the Advantage is much better in my opinion.


I agree with bowler 1
I like the Advantage a lot. The Advantage is a joy to paddle for exercise and rewards your efforts making you want to go faster. It was originally a downriver racer, so it has a fair amount of free board with a “normal” load.

Some folks find the Advantage a tad difficult to handle in the wind. It is definitely a go straight, sit and switch type of boat, not the most maneuverable, but then neither is the Prism.

The Advantage obviously has much less carrying capacity which does not sound like an issue for you. It is hard to say how stable or not you would find the Advantage relative to the Prism. I would suggest you try to find a way to test paddle one first.

Prism is an okay boat…
Personally I find the Advantage fullfilling the need for the exercise that suburban paddlers want…ie the sensation of driving their car @75mph on water, which is fine for what it is. Haven’t paddled the Prism but in looking at its hull…a Prism will offer a less efficiency and more initial/final stability…particularly in less choppy conditions, which sounds good while observing wildlife. Bear in mind the both have little(Prism) to no rocker at all(Advantage)…so will become more unstable than a slightly rockered boat as water surface conditions become rougher…as is the case on bigger water.

Not trying to change the tune,
but have you tried paddling with a kayak paddle?

Very likely to be more harmonious for exercise.

have both
Advantage has less secondary stability and narrower width at the gunwales. I prefer the prism.i can’t tell any difference in speed or efficiency even with a gps,and it is more versatile.i think I am going to sell my advanage and get a voyager.

Other sit & switch canoes are available from Newman-GRE and Savage, both with more recent designs. GRE wet bags, Savage infuses and offers synthetic rails to further reduce weight.