Wenonah Prism?

How is this boat for multi use? Touring, day tripping, fishing and open stretches of lakes? Comparison to other singles like a Bell Magic?

Have tripped with a Prism and own a
Magic. The Prism is faster (extra 6"?) and tracks like it’s on a rail, which can be nice and can suck big time as well. In Wabakimi I used the Prism, and doing some open crossings in a stiff wind, the no rocker Prism was a bit difficult to keep on course, you know… 60 strokes on one side to keep it straight then the 3-4 strokes on the opposite side would send it off course. This gets old. I’ve camped/paddled in winds locally outa my Magic, and all I’ve gotta do is look where I want to go and it goes there. None of that 30 stokes on one side to 3 on the other to keep it on course in wind. The Magics differential rocker comes into play in this scenario, making it much nicer in winds and waves as far as manueverability goes. In low/no winds I’ll always grab my Advantage though. Slightly narrower than the Magic or Prism and MUCH faster than either. Different tools for different conditions. If one hull is it, I’d probably take the Magic over the Prism. Between an Advantage and a Magic would be a tough call, but the Magic would make a better tripper for sure.

Excellent review of both Stickman

i’ve owned a prism for 2 yrs now. have taken it on 2 10 day trips in the bwca, have used it on the great pee dee and the little pee dee rivers, the black, and the lumber river in n.c. i have been very happy with the boat. tripping, it is quite seaworthy with a load, tracked well, accommodated a 10 day load, including my 270 lbs with ease, and despite the experience of stickman, i felt it did quite well in wind on some of the larger lakes in the bwca in sept. winds. as a day tripper on large rivers it is decently manueverable, stable, and forgiving. on small, tight streams and rivers it is less than ideal, but if you have good paddling skills it is usable in even tight meanders. as a fishing platform, it is stable, but without a tripping load will blow about if in windy conditions (as will most canoes). i think the thing to remember is that it will serve a variety of needs, though primarily it is a bwca style tripper. if you’re primarily looking for a river boat then get one with more rocker. for a fishing platform a wider boat with a flatter bottom will be more stable. if you’re needing one boat for tripping/fishing/sightseeing in flat water to about class II the prism will do well, though in tight turns on smaller rivers you need to have a really good cross bow brace and be smooth in transitioning to an on side sweep! would i buy a prism again–yes i would. do i want to get a downriver canoe for the smaller stuff–yes i do. hope this is helpful.


I own a Prism and use it as my general all around boat. I trip, fish and day trip out of it. In word it is awesome. Everything I’ve been looking for in a paddle craft. Fast, stable, easy to paddle, all day comfortable, lightweight (I got the kev light version @ 34 lbs), laughs at the wind and waves. My only gripe is that it tracks too well, it can be a handful to turn, but easier if you edge the hull. Works well with either a straight shaft or bent shaft paddle. Toward the end of last season I started using a double blade with it and it is sweet. I found it made turning the Prism much easier due to being able to use that long paddle as a fulcrum on sweep strokes. The double blade will have you making motorboat noises as you fly down the lake. With the double keeping up with my bud in his sea kayak is a snap.

Tripping? Take what you want. The hull will hold a lot of gear. I typically haul a couple of packs, cooler, camp chair and fishing gear on my trips. It all fits easily.

Fishing? Plenty stable. I’ve caught some big, fighting muskies in the canoe and never felt like I was going to tip. Though with muskies I usually paddle to shore to release them. Who wants a 3’ toothy, slimy, fish thrashing around in a canoe with them?

Get one, you won’t be disappointed!