Wenonah Prospector vs. Swift Algonquin

Hi Everyone,

I’ve read a ton of reviews on both of these…and am looking for more opinions. I am looking for a boat that my wife and I can take out casually, but also for overnights with packs, maybe eventually a dog. Ideally, I could use it for solo fishing on inland lakes/ponds. I don’t really do any river fishing and definitely no WW.

I’ve found a used Prospector 16’ UL for $1900 (40lbs), and new Swift Algonquin 16’ Kevlar Fusion (although manufactured under Northern, so it is actually 50lbs) for $1695. I like that the Algonquin is a more entry level canoe, and tracks straight more easily. My worry on the Prospector is that even though it is lighter, the 2.5" rocker makes it more susceptible to wind if I am solo fishing. I have a sneaking suspicion that after kayak fishing in a 10ft the last few years, going to a 16’ canoe maybe just not appeal to me once I try it.

From a strictly tandem perspective (sitting, not kneeling), would we even notice the 1.5" increase in rocker on the Prospector over the Algonquin? I’ve only ever paddled a Discovery 174. I feel like if someone gifted me the Prospector, I wouldn’t even notice it. Only since reading so many reviews and researching has it gotten stuck in my head that it may catch too much wind. But, I do like that it is only 40lbs.

Any advice is appreciated!

The issue is the Prospector’s stern rocker. Most stern paddlers carry their blades aft of their bodies, resulting in a sweep which turns the boat towards the bow paddler’ side. The Algonquin’s minimal stern rocker will resist inadvertent sweeping forces.

Oh yes you will notice… the stern will want to swop ends with a stern wind. This is less an issue with tandem but with solo you really want to kneel towards the middle. Since you don’t kneel you may want a center seat.
Coming from a Disco to a Prospector your head will be spinning.
The Algonquin is a nice stable entry level boat for those new to canoeing.

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