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where can i find information and specs on wenonahs prospector models? they don’t show up on the wenonah website. I’m interested in a 15’ model. does anyone make one this size? i know clipper makes a 14’ model but that may be a bit too small for me. thanks!

Wenonah Prospector
Try the 2006 catalog from Wenonah. I bought a 16 foot kevlar prospector last year, 49lbs. Made a world of difference in how many days you can get out on the water 10/10.

Specs from 2005 catalog
Length 15’0"

Depth Bow 24"

Depth Center 14"

Depth Stern 24"

Gunwale Width 35 1/4"

Max Width 37"

Wateline 33"

Weights 36-59 Lbs

Advertised Rocker 4"

prospector 15’
wow! 4" of rocker. i see the nova craft 15’ prospector has 2" of rocker. has anynoe compared the two on the water? by the way i’m looking to use it as a solo.

Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

After having spent much time (solo) in both the 15’ and the 16’ Wenonah Prospectors, I much favor the 16’. It’s just about as manuverable and tracks better with more bouyancy. In other words it just handled alot better than the 15’ which also is wider than the 16’. So I bought the 16’er… Great boat!

Fat Elmo

Buyers Guide
You can find the info on the Buyers Guide on this site. Here is the direct link to the wenonah Prospector 15 http://www.paddling.net/buyersguide/showBoat.html?boatID=823&boattype=Canoes

I own the wenonah Prospector 16. I love it! It paddles beautifully on both slow rivers and flatwater. Its stability is rock solid. It tracks surprisingly well for a canoe with 4" of rocker. Carries a large load. I have not paddled it solo.

I have seen the 15 set up for solo but never paddled it.