Wenonah Rendevous?

-- Last Updated: May-27-06 1:56 PM EST --

I know this ones really a river canoe but how would it be for fishing mostly on lakes with some slow-moderate rivers now and then.A local dealer has a few leftover 05 Vagabond's at a good price but an 06 Rendevous wouldnt be much more and I think might suit my size-6' 200lbs better.I'm guessing as I wasnt able to try one but going by the specs I "think" the initial stability would be close to or better than the Vagabond with greater secondary.Is that about right?

wenonah seats
Generally the wenonah pedestals on their sliding seats are 7" wide and always a bit too high for a good feeling of initial stability. Also they seem to position their pedestals so sliding seats are good for a 220# paddlers before one needs ‘ballast’. If you are into tinkering try lowering the seat 1" by cutting off the two short cross rails and replacing them with similar sized aluminun angle from home depot/loews. You can just rivet them in place if you don’t have access to a heliarc. Suggest you widen the base to at least 8" or 9". These narrow seat bases are like trying to balance while sitting on the edge of a board and take away from the feeling of initial stability. Theoretically the higher the seat the more leverage to paddle fast.

Small changes make big seat of pants differences. Though the hull choices are many, it is rare to find a canoe that does not need modification to make better. That canoe is designed to fit a slim teen as well as a hulky big guy.