Any quick opinions on an old (15 year) Kevlar Wenonah Rendezvous for forest-sheltered, twisty rivers and smaller streams in Georgia and Alabama? Weekender camping-- two night-- plus day trips on twisty streams with current, class I. Old style with center rib. I will test paddle this weekend, fairly good shape, asking price $550.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Based on condition
Could be a great buy. I love my Argosy, but wish I had a bit more size at times and a Kevlar Rendezvous seems to fit the bill.

Age is immaterial. If it is in decent condition, buy it.

buy it
The composite Rendezvous is a great boat for what you are describing, and that is a very good price.

Thanks guys
Your quick responses are appreciated very much!!

I feel a lot better knowing this sounds OK if the boat’s condition is solid.

Thanks again. Any other comments would be very welcomed!! I’ll stay posted!!!

The Vous’ should work very well for the water you describe. Price isn’t bad either.


got the Rendezvous

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Thanks again to those who responded. You really helped me decide make the 3 hr drive to look at the boat, and I'm glad I did. it's now mine.

Outstanding condition, extremely well cared for, always stored indoors, like new except for the usual light scratches on the hull. Pretty black metal gunwales, cane seat, knee pads. $500. Looking forward to spending all day Saturday in it. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Paddlers are AWESOME!!!!

Congratulations, and I hope you enjoy the boat.

Handling is a little “stiff” for the
streams you plan to run, but that’s OK, you can easily make it go where you want it to go. Actually a better swamp boat than many other Wenonah solo canoes.

Kevlar vouz
How did this go for you? Did you buy it?

Was it flex core or light/

Joe Tybor

Vous follow-up

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Got the Vous, center rib Kevlar model, lots of cosmetic scatches but otherwise in great, great condition. I had not realized it is a Jensen design.

I love the boat. It is the fastest boat I have paddled, seems to glide FOREVER. Turns pretty good, 90 - 120 degrees with one sweep from the bow, but seems to stiffen and need two additional strokes to make it to 180 degrees everytime. Makes tight turns very nicely with a backferry, letting the water turn the boat. Not a carver. I'll have to work more than I thought on keeping it straight. I've actually had to switch sides some, which I normally NEVER do in any boat. Switch some and it'll GO FAST!! I've only paddled it sitting due to an ankle injury, and maybe when I can kneel and heel it over some it'll go straighter yet turn a little more. Once its drifts off to the right its response to regular correction strokes is not good. Leaned seated it will flip you well before the gunwales dip but I believe kneeling will make a big difference. Super light: carry with one hand, load solo, carry it over your head easily.

Two trips to a local bayou 50 - 100 feet wide, once to a lake, and once on a twisting, 8 - 15 foot stream with acute angle turns, strong current, logs and cypress knees and vines to dodge. Paddled upstream a couple of miles, floated back past put in, then back. It did all I wanted it to, including tight turns partially blocked by logs, side slips well, is so smooth. On this particular trip I'd give it a solid "A" for performance. When I can kneel I'll post in the review section. I'm so glad y'all felt the boat was worth checking into.