Wenonah Rendezvous

Any opinions on this boat for solo tripping. I am 6’4" @ 220. I pack 60 to 70 pounds and want to fish from my boat. I mostly flat water cruise, but may encounter some whitewater like if I do the Bloodvein in Manitoba. Would this boat fit the bill?


Hi Brammy,

as someone who espouses love for the Pal I am surprised you are asking about the Rendezvous, they are worlds apart in design.

I owned a royalex version of the Rendezvous. I hated it. The “bubble” bilge always gave me problems. I dumped more in that canoe than any other.

Well as to the pal…
I do love it. I am just trying to research many possibilities so as not to bias myself. I really dig the pal and the Bob Special. My Shearwater delivery may not be happening. I am trying to hedge my bets so to say. I think the Blue Steel Pal is very easy on the eyes. I have never paddled one but want to as soon as the lakes open up, Rutabaga will let me soon I hope!!

By the way, how was wild cat creek?


Care to elaborate
on “My Shearwater delivery may not be happening?” I also have ordered a shearwater for delivery (to the Chicago suburbs) in early April, so I am curious if you know of some general issue I am unaware of…

hey Doc, I just sent you a PM
with some input on the “shearwater not happening” question, check you email

Brammy, I use my RX Rendezvous in the same conditions you intend to and I have no complaints. My experience is in intermediate whitewater and tripping and the Rendezvous was my first “semi go-fast” boat. It didn’t take long to figure out that I couldn’t power through standing waves with a load of gear…but as Eric said, with a little care you can stay dry. I do a lot of fishing from mine and its plenty stable enough for that activity. What I really like about the boat is that I can load it full of gear, run up to easy class III, fish, and make it from point A to point B fairly quickly. And because its RX, I don’t worry about bashing rocks. I kneel about 85% of the time.

Rendezvous will work for what you want
I got my royalex Rendezvous more or less by default, but I like it. Its an '03 that I modified as per Eric’s Coanoecolorado website. Later boats don’t need that done. I was looking for a solo river tripper I could do the Missinaibi R in, and it worked for that, and is a good choice for the river trips I do. On the river, its pretty fast, and I have never had any problem in keeping up with the rest of the group, whether they are in solos or tandems, though I doubt my own ability to take one heavily loaded through any III. As a lake boat, it will be slow, as would any other boat in the royalex river tripper class, though I did 60 miles with a heavy load in 3 days, which was two thirds lake, a bit of rapids, and the rest stillwater, just had to push the pace a bit. Only fished out of it a couple of times, on a lake, trolling. Had no problem, and saw no difference while fishing between the Rendezvous and my Independence solo. Can’t really compare it to any boat other than the Independence, but it will work for your stated purpose - can’t say if its the best choice or not, but its in contention.

I love my kevlar Rendezvois
It paddles much better than the royalex one. It does best with a heavy load. Its the best crossover boat for me, lakes and whitewater.