Wenonah Sandpiper - Rx vs composite?

Anybody have 1st hand experience with both the royalex Sandpiper and composite Sandpiper? Mainly interested in tuf-weave or flex core vs royalex in the areas of rocker, handling, weight & durability.

If the royalex vs composite Sandpiper comparisons are similar to the royalex vs composite Vagabond comparisons, I’d expect the composite to be a little lighter, have a little more rocker, be more maneuverable.

How much does a tuf-weave Sandpiper weigh? Please specify seat & trim options.

How much does a flex core Sandpiper weigh? Please specify seat & trim options.


Here’s a plan! Get identical twin
paddlers of a high degree of competence, put them in a Royalex and a Tufweave Sandpiper on a pond of reasonable size, and have them conduct a demolition derby to the (boat) death! Both rocker and durability should contribute to the result.

Oh, wait, the Royalex boat, if newly molded, should be aged at least a year to firm up.

Now, where were we going to get those boats/twins?

That was the first thing that I did.
I want other opinions, now.

I have one
I have a royalite sandpiper which i widened 4-5 in to incraase rocker. I psddle it on rocky shallow streams. t holds up fine,but isn’t nearly as thick as reg. royalite.


I didn’t address your whole question.Ny Royalite Sand weighs app36#-real lite for a royalex boat.I have paddled a composite one and it seemed faster. I am always on the lookout for royalex sandpipers because they are good inexpensive 1st solo boats for new solo canoests.


Anybody paddled both?

At the risk…

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At the risk of sounding flippant; why would anyone go to the trouble of rounding up those 2 canoes to do a comparison?

Visit me; I'll set up a "test paddle" session for you.

Hahn HD-1
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Blackhawk Nighthawk
Lotus Caper

If you get tired of testing those; we'll get 4 others, go back, & test some more.