wenonah sandpiper

i am thinking of buying a sandpiper solo made by wenonah. i am concerned because they do not give a weight limit. I am looking at just over 200 pounds for me alone. is thia boat too small for a person like me? I got a good deal on it and its a kevlar which makes it really light. After trudging down a 70 pound kayak at lake Lila i decided i needed something very light to paddle in! Any advise would be appreciated.


should be fine, but…

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weight limits can be misconstrued, which is why Wenonah doesn't publish them. With the Sandpiper's dimensions, the boat should handle a 200 pound paddler plus another 100 or so in gear with no problems as long as the paddler is of fair skill and doesn't plan on going out in big waves.

maybe not
I haven’t paddled the Sandpiper but I’ve been checking out a lot of solo boats lately and I’d think you’d be happier in a higher volume boat. Take a look at the Wenonah Prism, the Swift Osprey, Bell Magic or Merlin II, or Hemlock Kestrel or Peregrine.

Can you try it out…
…before you buy it?

One of my many daughters has a Sandpiper and I love it.

I weigh right at about 165 and I am thinking that it just might be OK for you.

I asked her what she thought and she concurs that it just might fit.

Good luck,



wenonah sandpiper
Vagabond may be just right for you.a bit larger

with more volume and in the same category.Im 197

and works for me just fine for day trips and

overnights.try before you buy,shopping is half

the fun. joeh2pro

Had one, liked it, but…
…it’s the only canoe I’ve dumped (in warm shallow water, fortunately). I had moved up from an Old Town Pack, and appreciated the Sandpiper’s greater glide and speed. However, I like my Vagabond much better for its stability. To answer your question, I weigh 200 when I need a haircut, and the Piper worked fine, but I still prefer the Vagabond. In fact, I moved from a Royalex V. to graphite because I needed less weight but liked the boat.

No Problem (eom)