Wenonah Sandpiper

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I've come across a Sandpiper for $300. For those who aren't familiar, its a 13'6" solo canoe. Its being sold by one of the better kayak dealers in the state, used to handle canoes, but they don't sell well here, except for white water stuff.

From an email sent in response to mine to the shop, they say its in very good condition, though missing what they call its vinyl bow cover (?). I'm not sure what they are calling a bow cover, unless its the small plate that covers a section of the bow as on my tandem Mohawk. Don't know how that would affect the performance of the canoe.

The ad stated that it weighs 39 lbs, but it wasn't a picture of the canoe, just the general blurb from Wenonah. The email put its weight at 22 lbs. I can't imagine a boat that weighs so little. That's almost a 3/3's less than my Loon, half of my Necky Sky. If it does weigh 22 lbs, it must be kevlar. If I decide to go ahead, I'll call them to confirm the material, but even at 39 lbs, that's be a blessing.

I'm seriously considering the canoe. Don't really have the money, but can sacrifice for an opportunity that seldom comes around. But, I don't know enough about the canoe to make a decision.

From what I've read, its a bit tipsy with the seat in the factory setting, but stable when its lowered 2-4". The seat in this one was lowered 3". The dealer says, that while Wenonah doesn't put a capacity on its canoes, they believe it capable of carrying 350-400 lbs. Its use would be as a fishing canoe. I've found may Loon 138 to be a bit confining for me and my gear, an open boat would probably work better for my fishing style...usually drifting with 4 or 5 rods. The area I primarily fish is on one of the river forks that feeds the lake. At the most, the width of the water seldom is more than 400 feet and I don't venture into more open water even with my Loon unless its fairly calm and the wind predictions are under 10 mph.

I weigh about 230, so I'm not a light weight. I've been kayak fishing for a couple of years, but have owned and paddled a tandem canoe for over 20 years. But, I've never owned a solo canoe. To be frank, I saw this same canoe two years ago when I bought my first kayak and it made me drool. Lots of sex appeal.

With a whole bunch of details there, I guess I'm asking for some input. How does it sound?

A deal!!!
Snap that up at 300 bucks. Is that from that dealer up in Martindale? I paddle an OT Pack that is 12’ and 33 lbs. Mostly because it is easy to transport and carry. I’m your size and have no problems with the canoe supporting me and my gear. The Sandpiper should work well for you. I too used to fish from a Loon, but like you found it confining and unable to easily carry all my gear. The canoe lets you bring a few rods, a cooler full of drinks and lunch, a cooler for the fish, a small folding chair for shore breaks, etc. I’ve also heard the Sandpiper is quick with a double paddle.

The dealer is in San Marcos and Austin, Austin Kayak/Canoe.

Well, I’ve gone and done it, put a
deposit on the canoe to hold it. Its refundable. Was thinking about going to look/get on the 10th, but may not be able to wait that long…maybe tommorrow or Monday. Still would like some feed back, though I’ve heard good things from other feelers I have out there, one from an owner, but she doesn’t fish.

Picked up the Sandpiper Sunday.
It does weigh 39 lbs, appears to be Tuff Weave construction. Gotta lower the seat. The previous owner apparently preferred to kneel when paddling, not a bad thing, but not exactly the best position to fish from. As it is now, the canoe is a bit tipsey when sitting. I expect that to change as I get used to the canoe.

On the new ride. Hope it will be the fishng machine of your dreams.

Took out the wedge the previous owner
installed to angle the seat for kneeling, got the canoe on the water this morning and instant stability. May lower the seat another half inch or so, knees hit the gunnels.


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I looked at the Sandpiper before buying the Vagabond it's a nice little boat. With that price I would have bought the Sandpiper too! Plus
So what are you gonna paddle it with?

I’ve tried both my 220 and 230 spares

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with it, both work fine. My new Aquabound is supposed to get here today, hope so. Still haven't gotten another canoe paddle so will be using my old heavy aluminum/plastic Mohawk canoe paddles too, unless I just happen to find my Sawyer bent shaft. Found a Sawyer just like mine at a local shop, $79, may get it. The same shop had a new, never in the water, Vagabond they took as trade for, of all things, an aluminum tandem, wanted $800 for it. It looked to be Tuff Weave, not a bad price for a new canoe.

I started

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with the double blade at 230 then went to 240 and prefer it for the Vagabond which is similar but a bit longer than the Sandpiper. One thing, for fishing shallow waters when stealth is key like flats fishing for bonefish/permit. I really like a good wood beavertail with wafer thin edge to manuever ever so quietly to get into position.

After a few years with the solo canoe unless I am paddling with kayakers I only use my ZRE 8.5 oz carbon bent shaft instead of the double blade. But it's noisy for fishing so carry the wood straight shaft.

Took the Sandpiper out on Sam Rayburn
Reservoir Sunday. Its a big lake, 180,000 surface acres. We were in a large cove and the wind was blowing in gusts up to 20+. The Piper handled it well. I used my 220 Aquabound carbon shaft and found it to work well. The little canoe would really move.

If I lower the seat more than another half inch or so, I may need a longer kayak paddle, but don’t think so now. I can dig deep with the 220 is I need to, or paddle low angle with no problem. I may lower the seat to gain more stability when fishing. I’ve no problem when underway, but don’t always feel secure when a passing boat kicks up waves. I found the situation improved when I sat on the floor and ate my lunch.

Still looking at beaver tails, probably will have to get one off the net. I’m hoping my bent shaft Sawyer will show up when we clean the garage.