Wenonah seat adjustment?

sorry for the newbie content, but I’ve looked around and haven’t found my answer.

I’ve got a sliding/adjustable seat fitted from the factory/Wenonah.

The slide rails have holes drilled in them. The holes on each rail are offset from the opposing rail.

The boat came with no pins/etc to place in these holes, so my plan was just use simple cotter pins … but with the offset hole patterns, I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do here.

The holes don’t line up in any way, shape, or form to allow any arrangement of pins to keep the seat stationary.

What am I missing here?

Just one needed
You should only need one pin. It acts as a stop to keep the seat from sliding back during paddling. Use a bent wire locking pin rather than a cotter pin so you can change the seat position as desired.

I see
I was wondering if that was possibly the case, but I kept thinking that I was missing something.

thank you for the clarification


the seat has room for a rhino…

This is what you are missing

The holes in the seat rail tubes are offset to allow more positions for adjustment. You use only one pin in one or the other seat rail tube.

I have seen some people use a spring clip collar of the type used to secure weight plates on barbells and dumbbells to do the same job, allowing much easier adjustment on the fly and infinite adjustment possibilities:


To apply one of these would require you to loosen the screws holding one seat rail tube to the frame.

You could just use a cotter pin to secure the seat position semi-permanently but it is nice to be able to adjust the position to trim the canoe for varying loads, allow paddlers with different leg lengths to use it, and adjust trim to prevent weather cocking or lee cocking in varying wind conditions. If you want to use a removable portage yolk to carry the boat, it is often necessary to slide the seat all the way toward the stern to get it out of the way of your head.

Wenonah still has pretty good customer support. If you want the original safety lock pin you might be able to buy one from them.

or upgrade
The new boats come with a barbell clamp, the things used to keep plate weights on the handles at gyms. You can get them cheap and they are really easy to use. Just unscrew one of the bars from the support bar and slide it on. You need the 1" clamp.

Spring Lock Collars
These are what I’ve used on all my sliding seats.


looks like 2 for $3 right now at Sears.

Hose Clamps
I use small hose clamps on my Spirit II


pin in front or back?
Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but is the pin supposed to go in front of the seat or behind it?