wenonah seat in rob roy update

i put a sliding wenonah seat in my bell rob roy several months ago. i first put the plastic seat in, then changed to the kevlar one.

finally, i can kneel, and that’s made a huge difference when paddling into headwinds and into currents. pretty comfy, too.

i padded the seat with an old sleeping pad. just glued it in with goop.

the seat is about 6.5 inches off the hull. i can slide it slightly under the thwart, meaning i can move my weight back further during rear quarting winds. the change in trim has made paddling in winds from any direction comfortable up to anything under 20 knots.

can’t say enough about the change. i’ve talked to lots of people who’ve paddled a rob roy, but it’s taken my nearly four years to finally get it set up like i want it. i hate to think it, but i may be the only one who’s really dialed this boat in, outside of DY of course.

just want to give an update since some people had posted when i first started this project.

Sounds Good
6" is pretty low for kneeling 8-o

How steady are you going from kneeling to sitting and back?

I had my Osprey out on a marsh last week in a bit of wind. I was trying to go from sitting to kneeling with out putting away the camera. Easy as pie in my Explorer. Finaly decided to put the camera away and pick up the paddle. Just in case.

good to know
Thanks for passing along the information, Chad. One of the things that had kept me from getting a Rob Roy was not knowing how high a seat I could use, and the stock seating position didn’t really work for me. I’m glad it’s working out for you.