Wenonah Serial Number

Does anyone know how to interpret this Wenonah serial number? It should be a Spirit II made in 2016 but I’m wondering what specific material used (T-Formex, kelvar, etc). Thanks.

the HIN wont tell you the material. The dates are the last four symbols and the MFP is the manufacturer code for Wenonah. T formex ought to be heavier than Kevlar. A picture would help

Store has it marked as Tuf Weave and 42 pounds but feels heavier than that to me.

That is a TufWeave, but the weight would be closer to 60 pounds for a Spirit in that layup. 42 pounds would be Aramid UL, which that definitely is not. List, with black trim, is $2899.

Tuf-weave is a proprietary composite layup used by Wenonah which incorporates polyester fabric and fiberglass fabric in a vinyl-ester resin matrix. It is not as light as an aramid composite but it is quite tough.

It will definitely weigh a good bit more than 42 pounds. That would be the weight that Wenonah lists for their Kevlar ultralight layup, which that is clearly not. Wenonah lists a weight of 58 lbs for the Spirit II with aluminum gunwales, although the bow sliding seat and the rear footbrace will likely add at least a couple of pounds.

Thanks for the information. They’re selling it for $1750 so seems like a very good deal.

The Spirit II is one of the best “jack of all trades” tandem canoe. It has good capacity for tripping. While it is not the most efficient flat water tandem canoe, it is not at all bad on flat water. And while it is not the most maneuverable moving water canoe, it certainly has sufficient maneuverability for moving flat water and easy Class I whitewater if that is part of your planned use.

The Tuff-weave layup is considerably stronger than Wenonah’s aramid layups, especially the ultralight. And Wenonahs are well-made. The sliding bow seat and rear seat foot brace are nice add-ons. The front slider should make trimming the boat easy.

If the hull meets your needs and if you can deal with a weight of around 60 lbs I would say it is a good deal.

Thanks again for the helpful information. We bought it!

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