wenonah sliding solo seats

has anyone with a wenonah sliding solo seat experimented with canting the seat? i’m thinking of raising the back or lowering the front slightly to get a better seating position. any thoughts?

Never seen
it done on a Wenonah. I think Clipper has a seat that can played with that way, but it is not a pedestal

solo seat positions - - -
all the solo boats i’ve had, i’ve canted the seat forward. none have been pedestals though. i never actually “sit” on the seat but rather, kneel with my butt on the seat … the canted seat position seems to be more comfortable for this.

racing canoes
is it done mostly for racing canoes of the diamond-hull shape variety?

of the racing solo canoes I have seen have always had pedestals. I suspect they use them for the same reason I put a pedestal in my solo; the gunwales and sidewales weren’t too strong.

My Sawyer had a sliding tractor
seat that was mounted on 2 rails. The rails passed through a bracket with 3 holes one above the other. One could adjust the height and angle of the seat by changing rails in the holes in the brackets. I found the combination of middle hole forward and top hole back (forward cant to seat)to be ideal for my situation. My $.02

i did it on my 17 foot Jensen.
"The Bride’ who sits in front wanted the rear of her sliding seat raised, and what she wants, she gets!

I used dowels and with a dremel curved the ends to match the aluminum tubes.

She is now a happy paddler, and when she is happy, I am happy.

Hopefully everyone alse is happy too!



for just a little cant…
You can use longer screws and a large plastic washer about 3/8 inch thick. Add to the back, leave the front as is. Just a small amount of cant can tilt your hips forward and get you positioned for a nice stroke. Try it and see if it works for you.


that was kind of what i was thinking. i’ll give it a try over the next couple of weeks.