Wenonah Solitude?

Anyone have the specs for this discontinued canoe? Stable, twitchy, maneuverable, tracker etc.?

I think it’s similar to Clipper Solitude

I think they’re the same dimensions, but that the construction is probably a little different.

You’ve checked the pnet reviews?
It’s a Jensen design. If you google Wenonah “Solitude” canoe you’ll get specs and hits.

Had one years ago
It’s large, very stable, not fast, not slow,…think of it as a pick up truck of solo canoes. Mine was pretty heavy but you may find a lighter alternative. I believe mine was called “center rib” construction. No transverse ribs, but one large one down the interior keel line. Not an inspriring or sporty paddler, but will get you where you want to go in comfort. Primarily a sit and switch boat, almost no rocker.

Beam winds?
How is it for paddling through various winds and wave sizes?

Wenonah Solitude

Length 15’6"

Widths: Max 31.25" Gunwale 23" Waterline30.50"

Depths: Bow 19" Center 13.5" Stern 16.5"

This hull was in production for many years and spans the whole range of Wenonah layups. In the early years it was available in Center-Rib and Core-Stiffened glass and kevlar, later in Flex-Core Tuff-Weave and kevlar, ultra-light Kevlar.

The Solitude is a very forgiving solo, it has great stability,and enough volume and depth to handle open water with a load. While not as fast as the Prism, Encounter, or Voyager, it will pace loaded rental tandems on trips (Old Town Discos, Royalex Adirondacks,Aluminum tandems,etc.)

I had one in Center-Rib glass for a number of years, and it served well on BSA trips in the Adirondacks and fishing on the Finger Lakes and western NY streams. My sons paddled it as a tandem in their pre-teen years, using sling seats hung from the gunwales. Sold it for weight reasons, not any performance issues. It was heavier than several of my tandems.


Fairly deep for a solo
so it will catch wind, but should be fine in all but severe conditions…when it gets that bad, park it.