Wenonah "Spirit" ?

Does anyone have specs for the original 17’ Wenonah Spirit?

How does it compare to the Spirit II?

I have one
How does it compare. It has recurved ends, it is deeper in the middle by an inch. It is quicker.There is no perceived difference in stability or tracking or maneuverability. It is the most trusted canoe in my stable of 12. When the water is unknown or my partner is new and of unknown skill, I take the Spirit. It has won more races for me than any other of my canoes, including the 17’ Jensen.

Of all the layups offered on the Spirit, the only one I would avoid is the extra-stiffened layup. It was the lowest priced fiberglass layup offered and by far the heaviest. It has no ribs or core, the bottom is stiffened by extra layers of glass cloth and woven roving. The interior uses the coarse woven roving. It paddles well, its just darn heavy, 70# on some.