Wenonah Sundowner 17 - Royalex

What can anyone tell me about this canoe in terms of dimensions, weight, hull shape, etc.? What would be its primary use: tripping? racing? flatwater?


Easy answer to find.
Here’s the boat on Wenonah’s webpage.


You pretty much pegged it
The Sundowner 17 was intended to be a fast day paddler/tripper for a Royalex hull. I’m sure it would be a major improvement in citizen class racing over any alum hull, or most any other Royalex hull. A former employee purchased one through my shop and loves it to this day, using it for light trips w/his family out in his home state of Utah and Wyoming. It always reminded me of a royalex version, albiet shorter, of the 18’ Jensen from Wenonah.

many downriver racers
use the Roylex sundowner, Class 1/2/3 races. The other popular model is the Penobscot.