Wenonah Sundowner Canoe??


I have run across a 18’ Wenonah Sundowner Canoe. It is Kevlar with the Tuf-Weave Construction gelcoat I believe a cream color. This boat’s serial number is SD560G888 (1988 model). It has a sliding seat and yoke with pads from Wenonah. The boat has never been in the water and is flawless - looks like it just came out of the factory - MINT!! The past owner bought it and hung it in a heated garage never to take it down.

Does anyone know what the value would be if I choose to sell it???

Tuffweave is Wenonahs fiberglass layup, The kevlar layups are different, primarily in wieght. How much does the boat wiegh then we can give you an approximate.

I got rid of an 88 wenonah sundowner in tuffweave afew years ago. Cross rib gel coat heavy. Well used I still got $475 for a 70 pound boat. If it was kevlar I would never sell it. The sundowner is a great design.


great boat
My brother has the kevlar sundowner and won many races with it partly because it was the fastest rec boat.

chose to sell it?
depends totally on the market,you could have it sit in your garage for a long time too if there are no buyers.