Wenonah Sundowner ID tag

I see a canoe for sale, marked Sundowner in black lettering, but with the metal tag reading BL758D898, which I don’t think is a sundowner code. Did someone switch tags? Any comments?!!

Wenonah HINs - hull identification numbers - start with MFP. Not sure what to do if there are only two letters, could be a very old boat?

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Oh, so sorry! Yes, your are correct, there was MFP at the start! I was expecting the next letters to be SD for Sundowner, not BL. The final numbers ‘98’ indicate manufactured in 1998, I believe.

Built in April 1998, specifically.

Wenonah made 4 hulls labeled as Sundowners. First was the composite 18’Sundowner. I just looked and the one I have at home says SD as the first two stamped digits after the printed MFP. A separate canoe originally called the Echo was 16’6" and it was renamed as the short Sundowner. Later it was redone and lengthened to 17’. And lastly there was a Royalex version of the 17’Sundowner. I do not have easy access to the 16’6" and 17’ Sundowners in my collection and now I am curious of what the prefix letters are on those hulls. Will post if I can get to my canoes. Bill