Wenonah tractor seat removal???

Has anyone out there ever extracted the entire tractor seat metal cage and all off the bottom of a Wenonah boat. I’m of the opinion that the fiberglass needs to be carefully cut where the aluminum meets the floor and everything should come right out (with relative ease). Is there any unseen resin bonding the aluminum tubing to the floor.

Thanks for any advice.

removed a few
The ones I removed were original and glassed down with a wrap of fiberglass cloth/resin around the horizontal lower pedestal section.

I used a variety of tools. A chisel, or a box cutter,and or a dremel, after removal, a grinder to smooth the interior hull where the pedestal was glued. Take it slow, no hammers involved.

I use aluminum angle riveted to pieces of fiberglass and epoxied to the hull and drill corresponding holes in the al angle and seat pedestal to pin/clip the seats in.

Utility knife
I took the seat frame out of the J boat I got from Clarion last spring.

I just cut the fabric where the frame meets the hull with a utility knife (razor) and it popped right out.

that’s how i did
a few weeks ago. cut it and sand it down.