Wenonah Tuff Weave Strength v Black Gold

Looking to get a tandem primarily for flat water, but may see some use in rocky rivers.

Can anyone comment on the strength / durability of Wenonah’s Tuff Weave? I know it’s a bit heavy but that doesn’t matter to me too much.

How does it compare in strength to the old Bell canoe black gold layup? BG is a lot more expensive and lighter of course, but I recall it being pretty strong.

A used Bell in Black Gold is an option, as is a new one from Northwind in their new equivalent of black gold which I assume is the same layup as the old one.



Tuff Weave
is great stuff and I have owned several Wenonahs with this construction. Easy to repair. I have also owned 3 Bells in Black Gold and also happy with it although I cant comment on repair ease. More knowledgeable people on this site can.

I’v Owned Two Tuffweave Canoes
And two Bells in black gold. Both are good, strong layups. Difference is the gelcoat on the Wenonah would have to be touched up when it gets chips and deep scratches. With the black gold boats, I would just sand them down and brush on a coat of epoxy. Made it look almost as good as new. I’ll show you a pic of one of my old Black gold boats that had been refinished. Too bad I didn’t take a “Before” pic, but just imagine lots of white scratches and scrapes.

So, for me, I prefer Black gold for maintenance while I feel both will stand up to the rigors of some river paddling.