Wenonah vagabond or mohawk solo 14

Any opinions about handling differences between the vagabond and the solo 14?

I’ve tried the vagabond and argosy and need to compare something in mohawk’s lineup.

I mostly float the Ozarks rivers and streams, no more than two days overnight.


mohawk solo 14
I haven’t paddled the Vagabond, so I can’t give you a direct comparison. I rented a Solo 14 for a few days. I found that it handled pleasantly enough, though I preferred a Solo 13. I also found that it was uncomfortably large, and I’m a fairly large guy (6’0", 210 pounds, 30 pounds overweight). For that reason, I wouldn’t consider buying one.


Don’t see many Mohawks up here in NE
When you do, its usually a WW boat. Occasionally I’ll see an Odyssey, or one of their tandem boats, but I’ve never seen a Solo 13 or 14. I have an old marketing video from Mohawk which has Mark Molina doing freestyle moves in a Solo 13. (Wow - if only I could paddle like that.) They look like pretty nice boats when he paddles them.

Two Good Boats For That

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I live and paddle mostly here in the Ozarks, myself and paddled a Solo 14 for 5 years. My wife has a Wenonah Vagabond that she paddles right now. You can't go wrong with either. The Vagabond is probably a bit faster and accelerates a bit faster. The Solo 14 turns a little easier and is easier to make eddy turns in. Both are comfortably stable after the first few minutes for a solo canoe. Either is not uncomfortable to carry to and from the car to the river, as both in the low 40lb range. As I recall, the Solo 14 may have been a few lbs lighter.

Both are suitable for day trips for larger people or larger people who pack light. If you plan to overnight out of either, you need to be under 200lbs. My wife takes hers overnight as does a friend who weighs about 150.

LOW CLASS II is the limit of these boats. Large waves can and will swamp those low bows; those low bows, however, make them so pleasant to paddle in the wind. Something like Hall's Bay Chute or "The Falls" on the Northfork is fine. The Ponca section of the Buffalo is too much, however. Took my Solo 14 there with water at about 5' and never dumped it, but DID have to wallow to shore a few times and empty it. Also the Shut In's section of Big Creek caused a few swims when I tried it in the Solo 14.

Would be happy to answer any other questions, LATER. I'm on vacation and heading to the Buffalo in a couple hours! WW

Can’t speak for a Vagabond.
I have a Solo 14 that I like very much. It is a surfing fool. You can surf the slightest hint of wave or eddy. Even in the few class II I have taken it through, I find it rides high even with gear on board. I weigh 220. This thing practically floats on wet grass. It is the shallowest drafting boat in my fleet. It makes me look prettier than I actually am.

another option
I wouldn’t rule out the bell rockstar if you are considering those two boats. My good friend has a vagabond, I like it but I thought the rockstar felt better.

Thanks everybody, your advice has been helpful. Might get a chance to demo a Mohawk solo 14.

That Bell looks interesting too, no dealers around here, though.